How to Change Your Career Easily – using the definitive step-by-step “Premium Career Change Guide”

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How To Change Your Career – With the Easy “Premium Career Change Guide”

Recent surveys suggest that, given the chance, about four out of 10 people would change career tomorrow and a further 3 probably would. The most popular reason given would be to earn more. But others want a new challenge, to do something more fulfilling, or to have a better quality of life.

If you are one of these who might, what’s stopping you? It’s probably only lack of the right information…

But let me tell you how you can get the information you need quickly and easily.

Simply stated there are only two things stopping you from making the successful career change you dream of – belief and action. Or in my terms: PMA + SMA = Career Change Success

But everyone goes on about PMA – Positive Mental Attitude, don’t they? What does it mean?

To some extent we all have some influence over the things that happen to us. I don’t mean to say that we can make everything work out right all of the time, but we can hold an attitude of expecting things to go right.

It also means belief in yourself; that you have the skills and experience; qualities and attributes that will benefit a new employer. The one who wins isn’t necessarily the one who can, but the one who thinks he can. So if you are going to make that career change, you must think you can.

Belief in yourself is also about being true to yourself and your core values. It’s not about short-term gains, ‘acing’ interviews or ‘finessing’ your way into a high-paying job that you’ve no real hope of holding down. The move you make must be consistent with your core values otherwise you won’t achieve that all important career satisfaction. If you get there by the wrong means, you’ll probably end up as one of the four in ten again!

So you should start your career change process by being clear in your mind about:

• what you really enjoy doing
• what makes your work satisfying, great fun, fraught, or dull
• what you’re good at and want to continue doing
• what’s important to you
• and how your decisions affect those close to you

You can work out the answers to these questions from my advice on your skills analysis, your contributions and your values – then your career change becomes career reality!

But only if you use the second part of my formula – SMA by which I mean Sustained Meaningful Activity. In other words do the things you need to do, for as long as you need to do them, until the career change you want to achieve becomes career reality.

What are the things you need to do?

• Follow all the advice you can get and be clear that you have the skills and capacity to present a compelling case to a new employer.
• Work out how you will make your case come alive by preparing scenarios and stories that colourfully illustrate how your experience brings value and benefits to the new organization.
• Be prepared for disappointment – you may not get there first time – but stay positive and don’t just give up. Move on to the next one right away.
• Build up your network of people who can support, advise and challenge you; most people will be very pleased to help.
• Get your CV or resume updated and reviewed by someone you respect.
• Research potential businesses that may have the right type of opportunity, but are also likely to be consistent with your values.
• Ask questions at interview so you can gauge whether the opportunity is right or simply ‘there’.
• Make sure your writing skills are up to the task of producing not only excellent application cover letters, but also carefully crafted target letters for the direct approach to employers.
• Be clear how you can access the ‘unadvertised’ jobs market, by networking, research and targeting.
• Maintain your confidence and optimism and never quit, give up or give in – you know you can do it, so keep going till you get there.

The premium career guides set quickly gives you the information you need so that you can get the job you want easily.

I recommend you to get your own copy today…

It will be worth it!

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