Is your career a “workaround”?

Workarounds – The computer industry’s answer to quality – don’t fix it, find another way to use the product that lets you get to the desired result, even though it takes longer, is more complicated and is not using the logical process of the software. Customers get used to using the workaround, then the software is updated and the workaround no longer works… So why do we tolerate it? Lack of choice, once you have invested all the time and effort selecting, purchasing and then learning how to use a software package, you don’t want to go through that pain again, and live without what functionality you have in the interim. Meanwhile, the workarounds may cumulatively steal more time over the lifetime of this version than would have been lost if you changed. But it is small doses of pain, compared to a big dose. Is this how you are living your life, or managing in your current job, or career? How much pain will it cost to change, and will this add up to less pain than the workarounds you put up with now?