Do you remember the first time your heart was broken. Did you tell yourself, or did somebody else say “You were too good for him / she was out of your league / there are plenty more fish in the sea”? And yet, you couldn’t put your first love out of your mind. I’ll bet you can conjure up a picture of that person right now, no matter how many years have passed.

Somewhere hidden deep in your heart is a feeling almost as strong, that perhaps you have buried the same way. You wanted to do something, perhaps spectacular and wonderful, or perhaps quite ordinary, but were told “you are too short / tall / squeamish / bad at spelling… to do that – you are good at so many other things, why not do this instead?”. And you gave up your first love, to do what somebody else thought you should do with your life. Maybe this person was your teacher or your parents, and you were only a child, so you believed and respected their opinion. After all you were very small, and they were big, grown up and an authority figure.

But now you are bigger, grown up and an authority on your own life. Remember your first love, and decide for yourself – what should you do with your own life?