Use Projections When Picking a Profession.

It’s important to take industry projections into consideration when looking to start on the path toward a new career. Current job trends are where you’re going to get started, but the future is where you’re going to be. A particular profession may be in high demand right now, but where is it going to be in ten years, when you’re still relatively young and in need of work? While the majority of the massive layoffs over the last few years have been due to a stifling economy, many are the result of individuals failing to take the time to think about the future. If you’re serious about picking a profession that will change your life for the better, than you need to think ahead and pursue something that won’t be easily accomplished by a computer for the foreseeable future. But where do you begin?

The best place to start is the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. There the government lists projections for job opportunities in varying sectors up to the year 2018. For instance, the BLS expects to see opportunities in utilities decrease by more than 11% by the end of the decade. This would indeed reflect the fact that energy providers are currently switching their systems to almost complete computerized autonomy, including remote diagnostics of power lines and other tasks where a person was previously required.